Launch Strategy

3, 2, 1… Liftoff!

You’ve been hard at work developing your next product or service offering. You need a plan to unveil it in a style as rousing as a rocket launch.

A simple press release or product tour won’t cut it.

Instead, you have to take advantage of all your marketing assets. You have to garner attention with messaging that propels your sales team to post-launch success.

Unfortunately, news of your launch will be short-lived (unless you’re Google or Apple).

It won’t be long before “newer” news pushes your announcement out of sight and mind of potential customers.

We’ll help you devise a launch strategy that leaves a lasting impression in this narrow window of opportunity.

Pre-Launch Planning

Before we start to build hype around your product, we’ll work with you to “own it.”

This means we’ll find out exactly who your product best serves. Using that information, we’ll develop a buyer persona to target for launch.

buyer persona

We also carry out competitive analysis to uncover the advantages of your product.

Build and test your message

Once we know who to target, we’ll create a narrative that highlights the value of your product and why readers or listeners should care.

We’ll come up with messaging that is persuasive, simple, and unique.

However, we won’t just create a message once and call it a day. Instead, we’ll test multiple versions on social media to survey the response.

If the message doesn’t generate interest and excitement, we’ll adjust it accordingly.

This is achieved by running paid ads to test various versions of the personas, creative, or copy.

Gear up for launch

As the launch date nears, we’ll warm up the market for your product’s impending arrival.

product launch

Content marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click, and public relations are all mediums through which buzz and excitement can be generated.

We’ll only use the channels where the audience is likely to be receptive.

Post-launch, it’s all about constant tweaks to optimize reaction in the market. This helps us push even more leads down your conversion funnel.

You only get one shot at a great launch

Get in touch with us to do it right.


How do you create a message that appeals to potential customers?

By understanding your product and its market in-depth.

We achieve this by answering the tough questions such as whether your product is disruptive or just another commodity to come up with a battle plan.

Is there a way to generate feedback for my product if it’s not public?

Beta testing is a popular alternative for gathering intel.

We can have a group of beta testers evaluate your product “offline” before release. This is a great way to gauge response privately and make the necessary changes.

Can I overview the entire launch strategy?

We’ll provide you with a go-to-market outline in the form of a slide deck or document.

This will include an overview of all activities related to launch such as market research and competitive analysis. Feel free to share your feedback or concerns regarding any step.

What happens post-launch?

You can’t rest on laurels from your launch strategy.

A great launch serves as the foundation for your forthcoming marketing efforts.

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