Growth Marketing Services

Growth is commitment, not a campaign

Search Engine Optimization

“Comprehensive” isn’t just a pleasant word. It’s also the way we approach our search engine optimization (SEO) services. Unlike other SEO agencies, Squirrel Digital Marketing takes a broad view of the search landscape and consumer search intent – much like a marketing consultant does. Our search engine optimization services treat your brand as an investment that grows in value and visibility, using white hat, low-risk SEO strategies.

Non-paid search and earned digital visibility can be complex. After all, effective search engine optimization and conversion overlap with social media, paid search, mobile and user-generated content, as well as offline advertising like print, direct response TV and more. At Squirrel Digital Marketing, we think holistically to put SEO to work with other channels – and make it look easy in the process.

Our SEO consulting and optimization services include:


What drives all of our digital advertising recommendations? Performance.

Whether it’s a brand play or a pure sales KPI, we leverage our best-in-breed buying power, along with our in-depth site knowledge to manage paid social, endemic, hyperlocal and national digital media marketing campaigns. Our clients know that we treat every ad dollar as if it were our own. That’s why they rely on us to optimize quickly, regularly and expertly.

They also know we’re not one of those “set it and forget it” digital agencies. Quite the contrary. Squirrel Digital Marketing closely monitors advertising campaign performance through meticulous tracking and tagging. Simply put, it’s our job to test, read, optimize and – most important of all – exceed results.

Our digital advertising services include:


At Squirrel, we listen to our clients, and to the things people are saying about them. Then, we use what they have to say to develop content strategies that resonate with customers, driving engagement and building relationships that create loyal advocates.

Social Media Marketing

So, what makes our social media marketing approach unique? We never view social in isolation. Instead, we understand it plays a crucial role in an integrated marketing strategy; social drives other channels, just as other channels drive social. We consider our social strategies in context of other marketing channels, and track performance to understand how those channels impact one another. This approach allows Squirrel to drive measurable results that are perfectly aligned to your business goals.

Our social media services include:

Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t just growing. It’s evolving faster than ever before. Mobile email penetration is more than 55%. The inbox continues to transform (none more drastically than Gmail). Meanwhile, competition for eyeballs – and wallets – only grows more and more intense.

You’ve heard the buzzwords: segmentation, dynamic content, automation, list hygiene, responsive design. At Squirrel Digital Marketing, they’re not buzzwords; they’re our Bible.

After all, our three decades of expertise as direct marketers gives us an edge when it comes to email. From strategy to execution, deployment to analysis, Squirrel Digital Marketing has helped clients reach and exceed their goals.

Our email marketing agency services include:

  • Email marketing
  • Acquisition email strategy development
  • eCRM strategy, including nurture, prospecting, lifecycle roadmapping, re-engagement
  • Multi-channel marketing integration across all major ESPs
  • Integration with, Epiphany, Eloqua, etc.
  • Creative development
  • Deliverability
  • Email sales funnels
  • List growth and management
  • Email marketing automation
  • Email marketing automation
  • Mobile and SMS
  • Analytics
  • Sales funnel creation

Public Relations

If you’ve turned on TV in the last few years, chances are you’ve come across one of Squirrel's team members on local news segments. Our approach is simple but powerful: Publicly establish your brand as a expert in the vertical.

Our PR campaigns are inspired by hard-hitting, award-winning creative. Supported by a comprehensive digital growth strategy and powered by decades of experience.

Squirrel knows how to leverage our contacts in the media that, in turn, let us project which spots will pay out – down to individual airings, dayparts, affiliates and stations. We know what narratives to push, what channels to utilize and what creative strategy will move audiences to act. Best of all, we know how to track the effectiveness of our clients’ investment – and optimize it over time.

Our broadcast creative and media PR strategies include: