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Strategic, Growth-Driven Inbound Marketing Services

Explosive Growth?

Yeah, we can help your company do that…

When you want to create long-term, sustainable growth, don’t turn to a standard marketing agency. They’ll waste your time and money sending out press releases and social media posts no one will read. You can’t pay your bills on Facebook likes and re-tweets.

Growth: the only metric that matters

At Squirrel Digital Marketing, we’re a little obsessed with growth. In fact, every strategy we employ has a direct correlation to measurable growth. If we can’t track it, we won’t do it.

Testing and Experimentation

Let’s get this clear up front: Don Draper doesn’t work for us. We don’t use intuition and gut-feelings to determine our strategies. Instead we rely solely on data analysis and best-practices to determine your growth game plan. We continuously test and refine our methodologies so your company will always be driving up and to the right.

Growth should be free

Any growth strategy we employ should show a rapid return on the investment. After all, if you can’t fund the growth efforts on the returns, you’re probably doing it wrong. That’s why we won’t advocate for a re-branding or chase after viral videos unless we are absolutely positive that those efforts will pay for themselves. So the next time an agency approaches you with a website redesign or advertising campaign ask them: “how much revenue will that add to our bottom line?” and watch them run to the hills…

All Companies Great and Small

Mom and Pop? Startup? Fortune 100? We work with them all…

Every company wants to grow. We want to help. After 20 years of doing this stuff, we’ve found that the size of your budget isn’t what’s important - it’s an attitude and commitment towards continual, sustainable growth that matters. So if you’re ready for your company to explode, we’d like to be part of the process…

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If your company is exploding (or you wish it were) - let’s grab lunch! We’d love to hear what you’re doing and we’d jump at the opportunity to see if we can help out.

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