Growth Marketer Academy: Episode 5 – Why Email Should Be a Cornerstone of your B2B Lead Gen Plan, Part 2

Email can be the most effective tool for your business to business marketing arsenal, or it can be a massive black hole of time you’ll never get back. The proper email automation program can nurture leads into customers and return dividends for years to come.

We’ll help you learn how to find the right email automation tool for your business that gets you the functionality you need without breaking the bank.

In this episode – Part Two – we’ll cover:

The structure of an effective email campaign


How to choose an email automation platform that’s right for your business.

So you’ve sent out 50 outreach messages. Now what?

You need information.

email automation - email concept

You don’t have time to do all that by hand.

Use email automation to do the follow up for you until that potential lead engages.

Send the first message, then based on if they open it or not add them to a sequence.

They Did Not Open – Send them the same message 10 times with different subject lines and preview text.

Be careful here:

69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line

(according to

Check out our post Supercharge Your Email Open Rates With These Killer Subject Line Tricks for tips and tricks to get your messages opened

If they don’t open the message after 10 attempts, they aren’t going to. Move the address to your “dead” list

They Did Open – Send a series of messages that follow the Gain, Logic, and Fear system.

The first message you’ll send to people that open your engagement message but don’t take you up on the call to action is:


Point out the cool stuff they gain by taking your offer

Example Engagement Series through email automation

If they open your gain message but don’t bite on your CTA, move on to:


This is where you point out the logical reasons they want your offer.

While this is a logic sequence, it’s really playing on their emotions.

Those that open Logic but don’t act on CTA should be moved on to:



Play on the recipient’s fear of loss

You’re about to lose out on this stuff, I’m going to give it to your competitors, you won’t hear from me again.

Special low price deal is going away in XXX days. Act now!

You may have noticed us saying if they open but don’t act.

What if they don’t open?

Send it again with a different subject and preview text up to 4-5 times.

“Man, that’s a lot of emails to send someone.”

Email notifications on phone

Keep in mind that most people will only see one or two of your messages.

The average email user is exposed to 5,000 advertisements and brand mentions each day.

You want to be able to compare open rates of different subject lines and improve your series over time.

This is going to be the passive tool you use to stay engaged with leads and give them the selling points to convert them to a customer.

What if they open all the messages and still never go for your CTA?

Here’s where an email-based reengagement campaign can be helpful

Create a series of messages that will send periodically.

Try different offers

Try different email formats (maybe video isn’t their thing – try animated GIF)

But at some point, you want to cut them.

A huge list of disengaged leads isn’t any benefit to you.

(many automation programs are priced based on your number of leads)

You’ll risk getting marked as spam or junk which can get your messages auto-sorted to your stronger lead’s junk folder.

All this would be hugely daunting and – let’s face it – impossible to do by hand.

Let’s talk email automation software

What does an email automation program do?

Hands typing an email

It depends on the program you use.

All email automation programs should allow you to:

Marketing automation gives you all that functionality PLUS:

We recommend marketing automation platforms

Go for tracking!

More data is always better!

*well, not necessarily… but still.

Entry level/basic

These give you limited solutions for limited costs

Best for small to mid-size companies

Most of these programs should

Examples of basic email automation platforms:



Typically limited to templated message formatting

That said, they have some really nice, professional templates

Sometimes less customization = easier

But limits can get frustrating

Consider instead, a basic marketing automation platform:

Active Campaign



Mid-size (and some small) companies need a more robust solution.

Businesses with:

Think, abandoned cart follow up emails.


Controls 41.6% of the small business marketing automation market

Offers automation for

Relatively easy interface

Lots of great learning materials available

Cons: Steep price tag

Not all features are well made

Like they tried to add on too much and spread themselves too thin


Can automate & track everything from inbound stage to CRM

Less expensive


Interface is a little clunkier than Hubspot

Users have complained about low email delivery rates.

Might be due to a lack of enforcement by Act-On against spammers using the platform.

Hubspot vs Act-On email automation software

Rolls Royce/Top Tier

Large enterprise organizations

Those that want close collaboration between dedicated marketing and sales teams

Market leader = Marketo

Other options in this tier include Pardot and Eloqua

How to choose?

In addition to budget, you’ll need to take into account:

In our experience, we’ve used


Each has its advantages and challenges.


Active Campaign

Infusion Soft was, frankly, frustrating.

Didn’t make it past integration before we ditched them



Notebook work with statistics on business

Marketing automation gives you the opportunity to tie your marketing efforts together

A well-developed, automated email campaign allows you to stay connected with leads, and nurture them into customers

Without going crazy trying to do all the follow up by hand