Growth Marketer Academy: Episode 1 – 5 Steps to Becoming a Lead Generating Machine

We’re going to go over generating leads for your business without cold calling or knocking on doors.

Hi everybody, I’m Ryan Eldridge

And I’m Andrea Eldridge


This is the 1st podcast in our series: “How to Gain Leads without Cold Calling or Door-to-Door Sales.”

The only way to grow is to gain leads BUT it’s also the hardest part.


Introduction to Ryan & history:

Now the Chief Strategist at Squirrel Digital Marketing

Introduction to Andrea & history:

Now the Creative Director at Squirrel Digital Marketing

Present problem backstory:

After years in the business to consumer market, we decided to launch a business IT services, division

Biggest hurdle: how to get customers?

Didn’t want to cold call or go door to door – no one wants to do that.

We were faced with the same problem all of you have:


Our path to discovering the 5 steps to Lead Generation

Started with our launching of out IT services division

Was fine-tuned with the development of our digital marketing brand, Squirrel Digital marketing

All business to business companies have the same problem:

  1. How to reach the person with the power to buy?
  2. How to nurture that contact into a customer

Story 1:  Ryan & Mike W. Cold Calling journey


Story 2: Gavin’s Fake Diamond

These don’t work because you’re not reaching people at the right point in their purchase journey.

Let’s get to it!

In this series, we’re going to cover:

  1. Targeting & Prospecting

Identify who you want to reach

  1. Email marketing

How to use email to generate leads

  1. Paid & Organic Search

How to get your ad in front of the right person at the right time

  1. Social Marketing

How to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to connect with new leads

  1. Content Marketing

How to determine what content to create before you waste countless hours writing blogs your customer will never see


Targeting & Prospecting

Why is this important?

Before you can develop a marketing plan you have to identify who you want to reach

Where are those people hanging out?

Are there social platforms they gravitate to?

What are the pain points of your customer?

To do this, you need to develop 3 key things:

An Audience Analysis

Identify a group of customers that you want to sell your products to

Identify the specific vertical you’re going after.

Who is the decision maker in the company you want to reach?

How do you get to that person?

Ex, the dental billing software would likely target a dentist (if the software is for small offices), the billing coordinator (for medium size offices) or the CFO (for larger dentist companies)

Your customer’s personas/avatars

Once you identify the people you want to target

Paint a detailed example of that person

You’re going to need to get creative here

Name your personas so they become real to you and you can speak to them with your marketing


A Keyword matrix

Now you need to identify the keywords each of your personas would use to find your product or service online

Identify your core general keyword.


You are a shoe distributor

You want to get your shoes in front of buyers for shoe stores

If you target the keyword “shoes” you’ll get a HUGE volume of traffic

BUT most traffic won’t be those you want to reach

Irrelevant traffic: consumers looking to buy hiking shoes, people looking for the best running shoe, etc

You need to take your general keyword and add on words to make them more relevant to your product/service & get high intent

Ex, “Plastic surgery San Antonio” is going to be a huge volume, huge cost

“Cost of tummy tuck in San Antonio” you’ll get more refined leads further along in their buying cycle

Now you know what you need to put together to target prospects

How the heck do you put these things together?!?

We are going to walk you through it.