Radio Placements

If you’ve forgotten the word radio from your vocabulary, it’s time to reacquaint yourself.

Millions of people still tune in daily to listen to their favorite radio shows whether it’s on their commute or while they do chores around the house.

What’s changed is how people tune in and listen.

If you’re trying to reach a mature audience, local radio stations that host the news or talk commentary aired on FM and AM stations is still the way to go.

However, younger audiences are drawn to podcasts. These are like talk commentaries except they are not bound by location and available on demand at all times online.

A placement on either brings you valuable publicity.

You’ll also be able to more thoroughly explore your topic on radio than a TV placement where segments only run for 3-5 minutes.

We’ll help you find the right channels to reach your desired audience and craft an appropriate message so that listeners tune in and take your desired action.

Frame a narractive that fits the show

You could buy commercial time to schlep your wares, but today’s consumers have been trained to fast-forward or change the channel when commercials start.

reasons why people change radio station

“Sponsored segments” are easily recognized by listeners to be thinly-veiled commercials that are just going to run for longer. They’re even more likely to tune-out.

The trick to successful radio is to be brought on as an expert in your field to discuss a topic of interest with the show’s hosts.

No show will allow you to come on to shamelessly self-promote.

Just like TV, you have to frame your business as part of a larger story that is relevant to the core audience of the show.

You have to do this without boring audiences with a mundane, monotonous segment.

For example, it makes sense for a personal trainer to come onto a health and lifestyle show to talk about “3 Easy Steps to a Pain-Free Morning,” including, perhaps, tips for proper sleep positioning and foods to avoid at night, as well as describing the best morning stretches.

We’ll help you come up with a narrative that attracts the listener’s undivided attention while positioning you as the expert in your field.

Send listeners to a target page

Just because it’s the radio doesn’t mean you can’t be visual.

To complement the listener’s experience with visual elements, we’ll help you create a target page to direct traffic from your segment.

This should include additional content. In the example above, it could be videos of morning stretches.

You can spell out the URL on-air for listeners to follow through for more value.

If it’s an online podcast, we’ll work to get the link added to the show’s description section so that listeners can easily reach your page. This could give you an SEO boost along with the promotional value.

For example, Duct Tape Marketing’s podcast links out to guests on their show.

podcast links

Find other uses for your audio

Content within your audio can be reused in a myriad of ways.

We’ll extract your recording to Soundcloud and share it on a blog or on social media to provide you with extra SEO juice.

We also promote the segment on these channels to increase visibility.

If you get featured often enough, perhaps you’re ready for your own podcast!

Take to the airwaves with a strong message

Contact us to ensure listeners don’t tune-out when you come on.


Is radio worth the investment?

Over 265 million Americans listen to the radio each week from which a good majority are tuned in for more than 12 hours per week.

For the right demographic, radio offers a outreach opportunity worth considering.

How do you make a radio segment exciting?

A great radio segment should follow the same principles used by storytellers.

We’ll help craft an interesting and thought provoking segment to keep the listener engaged and entertained.

And then we’ll help you practice your delivery to ensure you present in an engaging and polished manner.

Will I be able to measure ROI easily?

Yes, we’ll build in methods to help you determine how well your segment is influencing listeners.

We can create a special landing page solely for this segment. This lets us measure traffic to the page and the number of leads generated to determine effectiveness..

Alternatively, you can give out a special number on air and track how many calls you get.

Possibilities include measuring the increase in sales before and after a campaign, or interacting with customers to determine how they found out about your business, to gauge success.

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