Logo Design

A company without a logo is like a book without a cover.

A logo merges your brand’s core beliefs and values into a single graphic that potential customers will use to identify you online and offline.

Try and recall logos of some of the biggest brands today.

McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, or Starbuck’s green mermaid are all easily recognizable whether you’re browsing the web or driving down the highway.

Your logo should set the narrative as to how people view your business.

Our team of designers will help you fashion a logo that encompasses your personality in a single snapshot.

Dig deep to understand your brand

We subscribe to the philosophy of quality over quantity.

Rather than creating a dozen logo designs hoping for one to strike your fancy, we will work with you to decipher what makes your brand unique.

Our creative team may ask questions such as:

Following this, we will research trends in your industry and logos being used by your competition in order to brainstorm logo ideas and concepts.

You will be involved at each step of the process.

We value your feedback and will utilize it to guide the direction of design.

Design etched in shape psychology

Our logos account for the mind’s tendency to respond differently to distinct shapes.

For example, a circle is associated with positivity and implies a sense of community whereas a square alludes to stability and a sense of professionalism.

These shapes form the foundation of logos from modern-day brands.

logo shape

Our team of designers will use shapes that infer the particular qualities you want to highlight.

Colors and fonts to tie it all together

Similar to shape, colors and fonts are critical for logo design.

Colors, whether used alone or combined, communicate meaning. For example, financial services such as Venmo and PayPal use blue in their logo to communicate trust.


Choice of font also impacts the experience created by your logo.

Serif is deemed to be “dependable” whereas the slab serif family of fonts can be used to create an illusion of a bold and modern brand.

Everything begins with your logo

Contact us to find out how we can help you visually communicate your brand identity.


What if my business already has a logo?

If you have a logo but feel that it isn’t encapsulating the feel of your brand, we can help you redesign it or do a complete logo makeover.

Do you use ready-made logo templates?

No, we don’t.

Using templates for your logo and branding is a terrible idea if you want to stand out from the crowd. Every logo we create is custom-designed for your brand.

Can I use this logo elsewhere?

We actually recommend that you do.

Logos are an exercise in branding so you should use them everywhere from your website, business cards, to even billboards.

Who will own the rights to the logo?

The rights to the logo we create for your brand will always belong to you.

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