Email Sales Funnel

A purchase decision is seldom made overnight.

Rather, it can take weeks to months. During this time, it’s important to consistently touch base with prospects through email and nurture them to complete a series of micro-conversions.

This makes prospects receptive to your big-ask down the line.

Such an approach is far more fruitful than a one-time sales pitch.

A series of emails sent over time lets you build rapport and provide a personalized offer that promises to resolve a specific pain point faced by the recipient.

Our team can help you build effective email sales funnels.

Map core locations of your prospects

To guide prospects down your funnel, you first need to understand who they are.

Our team will segment your email list into various buyer personas such as:

A new subscriber needs to be treated differently than a lead interested in a specific offer.

We will work with you to understand your desired end goal for each segment.

Based on this data, we’ll create a content map to relate your goals to the core pain points and challenges faced by each segment to move them down your funnel.

email sales funnel

Create the appropriate journeys and pathways

Once everything is mapped, we will create drip email campaigns that deliver emails with irresistible messaging that readers can’t ignore.

drip campaign

We have experience in various drip campaign formats including:

Each campaign is programmed to be ‘smart’ and features several content pathways.

Depending on where readers click, different pathways will be triggered. This ensures personalized journeys down to the individual level.

The whole process is automated to save you time and effort.

We will set the appropriate distribution schedule for each campaign. We’ll plan when each email is to be sent or what actions trigger a certain response.

Always testing for improvements

While running each campaign, we’ll constantly look for areas of improvement.

We’ll make necessary edits whether it be in design or copy. We will also add or remove stages as needed to increase the success rate of your campaigns.

Don’t let poor messaging send prospects packing

Get in touch with us to explore how we can craft and fine tune your email sales funnels to turm prospects into customers.


Where does the email funnel begin?

From the moment individuals provide you their email address.

We’ll connect each form on your website to a drip sequence so that the conversion process flows on autopilot from the outset.

How do you ensure movement down the funnel?

After researching the motivation of each segment, we’ll provide tripwires in our email sequences.

These small offers build desirability and tease recipients with the ultimate value provided by your final solution.

What are the benefits of using such campaigns in my email funnel?

There is a host of benefits.

Most important amongst them is the ability to accurately qualify and nurture prospects to increase conversion and customer lifetime value.

What if I don’t like a particular drip campaign?

You are always free to ‘pause’ a campaign at any point. We can make changes, or terminate it completely.

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